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andrew dwyer outback cooking recipes
Syrian Tabouleh
A delicious and unusual variation on a classic, great for entertaining
apple pear and mission fig tart Apple Pear and Mission Fig Tart
Simple and quick dessert that is irresistable!
  andrew dwyer recipe grilled chicken   Spicy Grilled Chicken
Great Tangy Chicken, start in the oven and finish on the barbecue grill over a flame.
pannacotta Pandan and Green Tea Pannacotta
Quick, Easy, Cooling, Refreshing
  camp oven lamb Garlic-roasted leg of lamb with anchovy
and rosemary

A fail safe camp oven classic, you can also cook it at home with a pot in the oven.
chilled chocolate pernod fondue Chilled Chocolate Pernod Fondue
Rich and luscious, a summer treat
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  andrew dwyer outback cooking
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