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Andrew Dwyer is a bloke who is passionate about wild places, history and adventure. For over 20 years he has combined these passions leading expeditions into the most remote and out of the way parts of outback Australia. Given his love for food, and realising an army marches on its stomach, Andrew soon discovered that using the heat from an open fire he could achieve temperatures impossible in the commercial kitchen, and his original cuisine rapidly gained a reputation amongst foodies. He is a master of FIRE COOKING.

His business Diamantina Touring Company has won many Australian and International tourism awards and is recognised as an iconic Australian adventure tourism organisation. The Australian outback is the second largest terrestrial wilderness on the planet after Antarctica. It contains over 75% of the continents biodiversity. Here, in this remote and stunningly beautiful place where often no roads go, far from the crowded eastern seaboard, Andrew is an acknowledged expert.

On the journey he has written books, presented televison segments in Australia, the UK and Europe, was the face of Qantas to the European travel industry, has run cooking classes both in Australia and the United States, and inspired people around the world to embrace the Australian wilderness and whilst out there enjoy great food and wine.

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